SC DJs > SC Rappers (Randy Exclusive Has Spoken!)

SC DJs > SC Rappers (Randy Exclusive Has Spoken!)


I did a drop about SC models making more noise than SC rappers awhile back, and the same thing can be said about Carolina DJs getting more props than SC rappers (hey, don’t get mad at me, it’s true). With that being sad, my dude DJ Chuck T was named one of the Top 5 DJs in the MTV Mixtape Monday: Year End Report. When it comes to mixtapes, I don’t know of another DJ that drops tapes as fast as Chuck does. Every time you look the guy has a new mixtape with new exclusives and he’s not shy about telling you why he’s better than other mixtape DJs. I’m pretty sure he’s somewhere right now putting together an email blast to announce his MTV Mixtape Monday Award and telling other DJs to eat a d*ck.

But wait, there’s more…(To Read Full article Click!)


One Response to “SC DJs > SC Rappers (Randy Exclusive Has Spoken!)”

  1. Steelz, I see you homie.

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