The Next Dan Johns Video…Letting the Fans Decide!

Dan Johns

As hip hop fans, many of us gravitated towards rap music because it gave our generation a fresh, new form of expression. It was rebellious, anti-establishment, and spoke for, to, and about our struggles.

Once Corporate America saw that they could capitalize on the influence of hip hop, it changed, and ultimately the people lost their power. Well, the staff of Magnum Opus Records is giving some of the power back to the fans!

As we prepare to release the new Dan Johns and DJ Forge mixtape, “Rebirth of a Dying Breed,” we also are prepping to shoot the video for the lead single…this is where you come in!

Dan Johns Mixtape Cover

We’ve narrowed the lead single down to 2 songs, “How You Gon School Me!” and “No Rewinds” (both produced by Encornelius). Now, its up to you, the fans, to decide which song will be the video single.

Both songs have been uploaded to the official Dan Johns myspace page

Go check them out, and tell us which song you would like to see a video for. You can leave a comment on the myspace page, reply to this email, send a message to Dan Johns, or cast your vote HERE.

Since this is time-sensitive, all votes must be received by January 2nd 2008.

Full Interview Coming Soon!


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