Dan Johns: Rebirth of a Dying Breed Mixtape (Free DL)

Dan Johns Mixtape Cover

Fresh off of last year’s release of In The Face of Danger, Dan Johns is back with a new mixtape, teaming up with DJ Forge for Rebirth of a Dying Breed. Building on previous efforts, this mixtape, which is more like an album, reflects the passion and intensity that are cornerstones of Dan as an emcee. Speaking on a variety of topics over all original production, Dan is dropping this gem for free.

Guest spots include Supastition, Chaundon, iCON The Mic King, K-Hill, Villanova, Fat Rat Da Czar, DJ Shekeese The Beast, Amen, and Akshun among others. Production is coming from M-Phazes, DJ Forge, K-Hill, The Returners, LR Hook, and Encornelius.

DJ Forge, who also was on the tables for Dan’s Supply & Demand Mixtape, brings the element of true DJing to the project. 2007 was a good year for Forge, as he toured Europe twice, as Supastition’s tour DJ. Holding down the tables at Cat’s Cradle has allowed him to open up shows for a long list of heavy hitters such as Clipse, KRS-One, Ghostface, Method Man, GZA, Bone Thugs, BCC, Brother Ali, Masta Ace, Souls of Mischief, Aceyalone, Little Brother, and many others.

Rebirth of a Dying Breed is another brick in the foundation that Dan has been laying over the last few years, and certainly not a project that you can afford to miss out on. Download it, check it out, pass it on to someone you know who loves true hip hop and do them,and yourself, a favor…

Dan Johns Mixtape Cover

01) Top Rhymes
02) How You Gon School Me!
03) The Hoax (ft. Akshun)
04) See The Edge
05) Think Twice (ft. K-Hill)
06) No Rewinds
07) Hall of Fame
08) Scavengers of Hip Hop (ft. iCON The Mic King)
09) We Make The Rules (ft. Supastition)
10) Can’t Kill Me (ft. K-Hill)
11) Hopefully (ft. Fat Rat Da Czar)
12) Why Don’t You Hear Me (ft. Brian Connor of Villanova)
13) Same Page ’08 (ft. Chaundon)
14) Front Line (ft. Saga Cash)
15) Now I Know
16) Midnight Express (ft. Amen and Akshun)
17)Rest In Peace (ft. Vahid)

Download Links (you know we had to have back up links):




eel free to leave comments here, and on myspace.com/danjohns


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