Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 01/02/07

Alicia Keys

With the holidays over, Josh Groban lost his longstanding hold on the #1 slot for sales last week. As Noel sank to #3, it gave way for “Queen of Hip Hop/R&B” Mary J Blige to get a second-week #2 with her Growing Pains, selling 204,258 units (835,436 total). Filling out the middle of the top three, Alicia Keys inched closer to three million with 193,211 units sold last week (2,543,224 total) of her acclaimed As I Am.

In Hip Hop, Lupe Fiasco climbed a spot to #14 with his year-end-list heralded The Cool, selling 54,398 copies (198,477 total) after two weeks. Soulja Boy held the #21 spot, selling 48,277 copies (658,480 total).

Bottoming out the Top 200, Styles P bookended the charts, selling 8,917 units of his Super Gangster (56,865 total). The bigger news might be Timbaland finally achieving platinum status from his single-studded summer release. Will this garner an Interscope follow-up in 2008, or simply greater development of The Mosely Music Group through One Republic and Kerri Hilson?
Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
1 Mary J Blige Growing Pains 204,258 835,436
2 Alicia Keys As I Am 193,211 2,543,224
5 Chris Brown Exclusive 86,700 1,051,276
14 Lupe Fiasco The Cool 54,398 198,477
17 Jaheim Makings of a Man 53,995 230,328

Other Notables…

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
21 Soulja Boy Souljaboytellem.com 49,629 658,480
26 Jay-Z American Gangster 45,276 887,335
30 Kanye West Graduation 43,366 1,891,918
55 Timbaland Shock Value 26,148 1,003,040
77 Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams

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