Interview: Jay-Z: The Prelude


A little over a decade ago, the youth group I was involved in was propositioned to promote a show in my hometown of Las Vegas featuring a fresh new artist from New York. Not many of my 15-17 year old peers knew much about this guy from Marcy Projects – but I did. I had followed him since his features on “The Originators” with Jaz-O, Big L’s “The Graveyard” and Mic Geronimo’s “Time To Build” thanks to the numerous mixtapes my uncle lugged back with him from his trips to Vegas from New York. When his cassette maxi-single (remember those?) dropped, I was pretty pissed it cost four bucks (that was my damn lunch money for the day) but because it featured “Dead Presidents” b/w “Ain’t No Nigga,” I coughed up the dough and played that bitch until the words disappeared and the little sponge thing where the tape was at broke off.

Click to Read Full Interview!

Big Ups to the Cats At Hiphop Dx For this One!


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