Big Pooh: No Sleepers 2?


Sleepers 2!!!!!!!!!!!

It is not going to happen people!!!!!!

Ok, well another Pooh solo album is in the works but it will not, I said NOT be called Sleepers 2. A lot of people have hit me up via inbox asking bout said album so I wanted to take the time to address everyone at the same time.

This album has a title of its own, Dirty Pretty Things. I believe every album should stand on its on, shouldn’t really be compared with the last, even though it will, but naming it the same thing twice wouldn’t help my belief one bit now would it?

Work has already begun on the next solo record. I am about 3 songs deep as of today. No, none of the songs I put up on myspace are from the solo record either. They are songs originally recorded for my next solo but I decided to scrap all the songs I had previously recorded and start over. I had orignally started working on this record this summer but when we decided to go back and start another Little Brother record I halted production on my album.

So stay tuned folks…I got footage coming, snippets coming, and more info coming!!!

2 Responses to “Big Pooh: No Sleepers 2?”

  1. Cannot wait for this! Don’t know why people thought the album was called Sleepers 2. It was stated months ago from Pooh and Phonte on “And Justus For All” that the album was going to be called “DPT”.

  2. Pooh HAS TO include “El Fin” on DPT, even if its a bonus track, that song was classic

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