Dan Johns and DJ Forge – Rebirth of a Dying Breed (Mixtape Review)


Dan Johns and DJ Forge – Rebirth of a Dying Breed
Magnum Opus Records

Dan Johns has weathered the storm of industry setbacks, emotional typhoons and at the end of it all he had a genesis where he found his true voice. After dropping his long awaited sophomore album, “In The Face of Danger”, Dan decides not to rest on his laurels by dropping “Rebirth of a Dying Breed”. The old adage says absence makes the heart grow fonder; its obvious Dan Johns does not live by that mantra.

The Good: Lyrically Dan is as sharp as ever. His pen game has never been better.While other mc’s rely on the typical rhyme schemes and flooding every verse with similes, Dan takes a more laid back approach. Dan lets his flow take the listener on a journey through his thoughts. The album begins with the horn heavy “Top Rhymes” which sets the tone of the album. “The Hoax” featuring Akshun explains the difference between perception and reality. “Think Twice” featuring K-Hill is just verbal jousting at its best. The beauty of any collab that Dan has with K-Hill is that they bring the best out of each other. “Hopeful” featuring Fat Rat the Czar is one of the strongest cuts on the album. Fat Rat and Dan has battled in just about every rap battle that’s happened in SC over the past 4-5 years but to have them collab on a record about social issues is a beautiful thing. “Why Don’t You Hear Me” feat Brian Connor is a really good song that helps us understand who Dan Johns is as a man. The final verse is begins perfectly, “’Cor told me I should talk about the people who died/and use the platform of rap to keep them alive/in the third verse/but I don’t know what hurts worse/to move on without em/or write songs about em”.

The Bad: As a lyricist Dan is still one of the best in Carolinas but over the course of the past 2 mixtapes and album his sound is starting become predictable. The production value from “Chronicles of a Dangerous Mind” to “Street Noise” was huge leap in the right direction. But “In The Face of Danger” and this mixtape it’s the same sound. At this point in his career he should have that big song. Not big as in 100 spins a day on radio but big as in a clear cut best song on the album. With this mixtape all the songs are good, but nothing leaps into that great category. While listening to the mixtape I keep waiting on him to turn the corner, but it just doesn’t happen.

The Ugly: Nothing.

Overall: The mixtape is a good representation of who Dan Johns is. The flipside to that it’s not a representation of where he’s going. The mixtape doesn’t have any terrible moments but it doesn’t have that one shining moment either where we should start to anoint Dan in the echelon of other Carolina heavy spitters such as Phonte. “Rebirth of a Dying Breed” gives you that glimpse of Dan Johns that makes you yearn for more and if that was the purpose of this mixtape then Mission Accomplished.


Review By: B.Moore


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