Hip Hop’s Most Wasted Talent…Ever……


Article By B.Moore

It’s Jadakiss by a million miles. If talent equaled record sales Jadakiss would be a diamond artist putting up numbers that compete with Marshall and Cornelius. Instead of actually putting up big numbers he makes half assed albums but stellar mixtapes. Its baffles the hell out of me. He’s becoming rap’s Rodney Monroe. He makes a killing in the minors but when it comes to competing with the big boys he falters time after time. The most painful thing about this admission is that I am huge fan of Kiss. If you like hip hop it’s hard not to like dude. How many times must one get disappointed until you just cut them loose?

J-A-D-A got beef with the feds and the D-A.

To add salt to an already open wound, how is it possible that the other mc’s in the crew that are arguably less talented, release doper albums. Who saw Sheek releasing not one but two dope albums? Styles P carried his mixtape success over to his albums. Jadakiss? Nothing. “Kiss The Game Goodbye” and “Kiss of Death” was “babbage” (that’s geechi for garbage). Each album had its strong cuts but really, when was the last time you actually listened to those CD’s. They don’t hold up after time. How in the hell do you have The Neptunes, Swizz Beats and Primo on your freshman effort and still brick?

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