MIDIMarc in “The State” South Carolina Newspaper, Write up on American Beatmaker


BEAT CONDUCTOR:Midi Marc, the Hopkins native who makes suave hip-hop soul beats, has gone the gangster route. He will release a remix version of Jay-Z’s “American Gangster,” titled “American Beatmaker.” (Marc also has a remix of Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint”“The New Print.” called )

Marc’s remixes give Jay-Z’s tough rhymes a lay-back-and-listen vibe. For instance, on “Success,” which features Nas, Jay-Z sneers at those who perceive his reign over. But in Marc’s version he sounds like he’s out for an afternoon drive. (Just don’t beep your horn at him.)

Marc’s reconstructions illustrate a beatmaker’s importance to a song’s mood. (Marc’s mashing of “Blue Magic” with En Vogue’s “Hold On” makes the former a listenable song.)

Marc is hoping for distribution through FatBeats, but “I’m probably going to bite the bullet and release them myself to Manifest and Sounds Familiar.”

Marc has produced original beats for rappers I’ve mentioned here — KcirE SivaD, Akshun, Fat Rat and Dan Johns. And on his MySpace.com posts, Marc has been offering reduced prices for his beats, some for $50.

“Eight out of 10 MySpace rappers just need a few beats for a mixtape so I give ’em out real cheap over and over again,” he said. “I normally charge 100 per.”

If you listened to some of the beats, you’d know that $100 is still a bargain. Check them out at www.myspace.com/beatsbymidimarc.

American Beatmaker (Free Dl)


01Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Intro
02Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Pray
03Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- American Dreamin
04Jay-Z and MIDIMarc-Hello Brooklyn
05Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- No Hook
06Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Roc Boys
07Jay-Z and MIDIMarc-Sweet.
09Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Party Life
10Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Ignorant Shit
11Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Say Hello
12Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Success feat Nas
13Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- Fallin
14 Jay-Z and MIDIMarc-Blue Magic
15Jay-Z and MIDIMarc- American Gangster
16Jay-Z and MIDIMarc ft Biggie and Faith – All A Dream Bonus Track



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