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Charlamagne breaks down Nigga Appreciation Month!

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech with tags on February 6, 2008 by Steelz

I am facing a room full of high school students, ages 15 – 17 and announce, “It’s Black History Month!” With no excitement from the class I say once more, “I don’t think yall heard me, it’s Black History Month!” Still no response, the class gives me a confused blank stare. Thinking quick I yell, “Lil Wayne is Black History!” The class goes ape shit! The Kids start giving each other pounds, young girls say shit like, “Lil Wayne need to put some of that Black History up in here!” I hold my head down in disgust and say to the teacher, “No disrespect to you but I need to have a real talk with your class immediately and hopefully they won’t become “America’s Next Top Convicts.”

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