Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/10/08


Although last week’s Grammy Awards were the third least watched in its history (drawing a lackluster audience of only 17.5 million), the performing artists have seen a large surge in record sales. Jack Johnson remains in the top spot followed by none other than troubled songstress Amy Winehouse who performed via satellite from the UK. Winehouse‘s Back to Black sold 115k this week (a 368.4% increase from last week’s sales of under 25k). Alicia Keys (also a Grammy) remains in the #3 spot this week, however, she did manage to sell over 100k units to officially enter triple platinum status in just 14 weeks on the charts.

After winning the coveted “Album of the Year” Grammy award, jazz musician Herbie Hancock (whose past songs have been remixed and sampled by the likes of popular Hip Hop producer Madlib) had an astounding leap from #159 to #5 on the charts. Herbie‘s award marked the first time since 1964 that a jazz artist has captured the Album of the Year. Meanwhile Grammy performer John Legend jumped from #62 to #12 selling 40k units (a 209% sales increase).

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
2 Amy Winehouse Back To Black 115,309 1,649,181
3 Alicia Keys As I Am 108,840 3,096,471
11 Mary J Blige Growing Pains 48,563 1,125,617
12 John Legend Live from Philadelphia 40,431 123,673
13 Chris Brown Exclusive 39,691 1,287,896

Still no waves being made in Hip Hop as it continues to starve for a high-selling artist. With the recent announcement of his upcoming tour, Kanye West managed to create enough buzz to land him the top Rap spot on the charts (#40) and finally hit double platinum, while tour-mate Lupe Fiasco undersold Kanye by less than 100 units and grabbed the #42 spot. Lupe won his first Grammy last week for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance”. With all of the shuffling around on the charts, Soulja Boy drops 20 spots from #36 to #56 selling under 25k units. Other Notables…

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
40 Kanye West Graduation 22,620 2,005,808
42 Lupe Fiasco The Cool 22,565 339,384
56 Soulja Boy Souljaboytellem.com 19,251 783,822
68 Jay-Z American Gangster 15,259 993,621
74 Raheem DeVaughn Love Behind The Melody 13,584 103,893

Next month, legend Pete Rock drops his highly anticipated New York’s Finest, along with new albums by Erykah Badu, Rick Ross, Akrobatik, and many more. It’s getting warmer this February, but will the charts reflect it?


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