(Feature) FatRat: Living Like A FatRat!


With the New single “Like a FatRat” killing Radio Stations from the Carolinas to Texas!

FatRat is ready to show the world how to live like a FatRat!

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Steelz: So how you Feeling fam?

FatRat: No complaints man. Just trying to keep two feet on the street and a hot plate to eat.

Steelz: Congrats on your 3 Nom. at the 2008 SEA’s (Best Mixtape, Best Mixtape Duo, & Slept on Arist of Year). Good luck at the Awards!

Steelz: Lov’in the Single…how did it come about?

FatRat: Appreciations…man that shit was crazy because, I was out of town in Va and youngin’ from my hood, Midi Marc, who I has done a lot of production for me, was hitting me all early in the morning like “Yo Fat I got you a hit, you gonna love this shit”. So when I got back to Hopkins he brought the heat thru. I was definitely feelin it. I vibed with it for a couple days then when Shekeese and Kingpin heard it, they started dumbin’. Shekeese was like “that’s the track right there, that’s the one”, and I hadn’t even put the stank on it yet. So couple days after that I sat down, got on some old school Fat Rat shit, and broke out the Gin and Juice. An hour and a half later, Bing!!!!…Like a Fat Rat was written.

Steelz: The Trk is really heating up! Can we expect a Video in the future?

FatRat: It’s been a lot of talks about it. We’ve had a few offers from some independent film companies. Never know what tricks Da Czar might pull out his bag. Whatever the case, On Point Mag will be one of the first to be notified.


Steelz: I see you and Dj Shekeese have been teaming up on the business end…How did u and him hook up? What roll do he play?

FatRat: Well, Shekeese was a long time associate and comrade in this music thing. We always had respect for each others craft, so when I started working on my solo project I reached out to him, because I’m Hip Hop and he’s Hip Hop. I am emcee and I believe an emcee needs a deejay. Not a button pusher, but a deejay with skills. He answered the call and immediately got my back. As time progressed his belief in me as an artist grew and we really started pushin the envelope, bringing our particular brand of music to the world. He’s like me and vice versa. Nobody gets in my damn way and the same with him. If we believe in something, then we ridin’. Point blank. I fucks wit a nigga like that. Plus nobody, and I mean nobody claws a record like Tha Beast!

Steelz: It’s funny because i was just thinking back a couple of days ago that Street Side Records was the first Label I remember from the Carolinas to have an official album. What would you say gave the label such longevity in the music biz?

FatRat: Yeah man when been around a while. Next year will be the label’s 10-year anniversary. We’ve been blessed to be around so long and still put out great original music that’s relevant and appreciated by the consumers. The streets always gave us respect, which is something you can’t buy. I can accredit that partly to our grind, but mostly to the authenticity of our music and our artists. I mean from Charlie Waters, Da Undaground RailRoad, and the group Street Side to the latest additions to the roster Ali Rah, Mentality, Heazy Boi and Met Money, shit was always real. Straight up and down, no special effects.


Steelz: How do you feel about being a artist from the Carolinas? How do view the grind vs being a artist from Atlanta?

FatRat: Well I’m originally from Virginia, but the Cack is definitely home too, and I rep it to fullest. To be honest I think that Atl has a great music scene that exposes their indies to a large audience. The artists, producers, labels, radio, and retail outlets seem to work well together to get projects poppin. We aren’t on that level yet, but we’re definitely making strides towards a better marketplace. The market is a lot healthier than it was say…five years ago. So many artists are making serious noise statewide that collectively we are bound to kick the door in.

Steelz: When can we expect the new album?

FatRat: Summer 2008 is the projected release of my debut independent project, but you never know what might happen between then and now. So just stay tuned. As far as the next Shekeese Tha Beast and Fat Rat Da Czar collab, get ready for “Da Cold War “, to hit March 08. Fat Rat Is Dead was solid, but Da Cold War…ooohwee, Iam taking no prisoners. I’m gonna start exposing people for who they are. It’s about time we start shutting out the off brands. A whudduppp!!!!!! Ha,Ha, I need to stop that shit.

Steelz: What kind of feel can we expect from the new album?

FatRat: So far the album is dealing with a gang of topics ranging from my love of music to my love for my son, a little bit of policies and procedures when it comes to this emcee shit, and some shit for my niggaz in the mix. Real life music in a genuine hip hop format, something that everybody can bump.


Steelz: What Producers can we expect on the album?

FatRat: I’ve been extra blessed in this department as well. Of course MidiMarc tossed me a few joints. My man Frank Hustle put me in the mix a couple on of cuts. JahFreedom broke the homie off extra proper in the production dept. I recently had the opportunity to link with Best Kept for a couple of joints. Taesone of the Beat Junction Project/Shaaw Brothers hit me wit a couple as well. Shaheed the Suntoucha and Kenny Boom from STP slid me a banger. My mans Serg and C-Dub, from the Beat Bangas, cooked up a heater for me. Justin Smith really blessed me with some joints that took me to another level. Can’t forget Corey Plough on his contribution and last but definitely not least, I was fortunate enough to re-link with my man Juice, who produced the bulk of the first Street Side album, to do a classic. But that’s just so far, I’m still in the studio as we speak.

Steelz: How did u feel about the HipHop music that was release last year? Did u have any Favorites?

FatRat: I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the majors. I rocked the 50 and Kanye. I was digging Hov’s joint. That YoungBuck got some play in my ride as well as that Trick and UGK. Towards the end of the year that Lupe got me to thinking. He had a good project. I was jive fucking with some indie joints though. I was really feeling my man Dan John’s In The Face of Danger album. But I stay rocking that Daz and Kurupt, Tragedy Khadafi, and them Outlawz. Can’t go wrong with that shit.

Steelz: What Changes to HipHop would u like to see in 2008 that you didn’t see in 2007?

FatRat: I just want to see artist continue to be innovative and make banging music. Don’t be afraid to tell his or her story, not someone else’s. Keep the business intact and invest wisely. We gotta continue to respect the architects of our culture. I would love to see a little less biting and more creativity. Don’t be trendy, be trendsetters. Oh yeah as far as the DJ’s, stop calling yourself a DJ if you can’t mix, scratch or blend. That shit is embarrassing to the culture. And if you say you’re a rapper the LEAST you should be able to do is RAP!

Steelz: What can we else can we expect from FatRat and Street Side Records in 2008?

FatRat: Da Cold War is on deck. LaFamilia 2, featuring Ali Rah, Mentality, Heazy Boi and Met Money is getting put together now. New Fat Rat Da Czar single is coming soon and I’ll be traveling to a town near you to tear it down properly. We grindin holmes. Fuck all that wailing and carrying on, we getting it in. EARLY.


Click Link Below to Peep the Trk!




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