(Features) Rain: The Calm Before The Storm!


Strap with a new mixtape hosted by Don Cannon….Rain is ready to unleash the storm!

“They would rather play Atlanta and Miami music. I can only speak on the DJs in my city.”

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Mike Hustle: How did you get the name RAIN?

Rain: Rain represents the new beginning. Nothing can grow without rain. I feel like I have a refreshing sound and I’m where the new generation starts at.

Mike Hustle: When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue rap as a career?

Rain: I always did it for the love. I never looked at it as a job or as a career. I think as I started meeting important people in the industry I started taking it serious. I dropped out of school at 16 and I moved to NY. Thats when I started taking it serious.


Mike Hustle: Tell us about your new mixtape with Dj Don Cannon. How did you get him to cosign you on this mixtape?

Rain: The tape is called Highly Unanticipated. Its classic material. Whoever doesn’t have that should really pick that up. I actually met Cannon on a promo tour. I did a freestyle for him and we clicked after that. We lost contact for a while but then I saw him at the mixtape awards in New York at The Apollo. After that it was on. He didnt charge me for hosting the tape. He did it because he respects my music. Big shout out to Cannon and The Aphilliates.

Mike Hustle: What is your favorite song on the mixtape?

Rain: I don’t really have a favorite but a few does stand out to me. The Highly Unanticipated song, Depression, Beating Drum, Do What I Do, and Say Anything. Say Anything might be my favorite. It tells how its hard for me to give advice or correct people when I’m doing the same shit. How can I say anything when I’m doing the same.

Mike Hustle: Over the past few years you have been featured on a lot of mixtapes & Dvds. What’s your most memorable mixtape & Dvd feature?

Rain: I don’t have a most memorable feature. I feel like all of them put me in a good position. I will be on the next Smack Dvd and that will be a big look. I feel like the my look on the new Smack, and this mixtape I have out with Cannon will be a memorable moment.


Mike Hustle: Your song “Carolina Fly” has created a huge buzz. What was the thought process in making that song?

Rain: I did that to give Carolina an anthem. It didn’t pick up all over but I never expected it to. I did that one only for Carolina. Thats something that will reach the surface later. Its one of those hometown hits. I was talking about how we get fly. Music Choice did pick it up so that was a real great look.

Mike Hustle: You just released a new single by the name of “Paper Boy.” How did you come up with that catchy name, and how is the single doing so far?

Rain: We just put that one out. We didnt even do the hard copies yet. Paper Boy came from the young hustlaz getting that paper. You listen to the music thats out now and everybody is talking about how rich they are and its kind of too much for us to relate with. Not too many people can relate to making 400 million from vitamin water or being on the yahct with Beyonce. On the Paper Boy song i’m speaking on that rubberband money. I’m speaking on the ladies from my hood and the niggas getting money in my city. That I’m good but I’m not great yet money.

Mike Hustle: How do you feel about the music scene in the Carolinas?

Rain: I respect the artist down there that are doing their thing. I feel like the Djs can be more supportive. Its hard to blow up in NC because the Djs wont take time to support their city. They would rather play Atlanta and Miami music. I can only speak on the DJs in my city. Fayetteville. They don’t support Rain. I get more love outside of the state. Its cool though. When I get my big break they will have to play my shit. So till then FUCK EM!!!!!


Mike Hustle: Do you think the Carolinas will ever get the same exposure in Hip Hop as other states?

Rain: Yeah we will. As soon as I kick the door down. I have a movement. I’m ready to lead the way. I’m ready to be the savior. I’m ready for all the trials a tribulations that comes with being a leader. I’ll get hit with the rocks and the whips in order for the other artist in NC to walk through with no problem.

Mike Hustle: Besides yourself do you see any other Carolina rappers making a big impact in the music industry?

Rain: My artist Traffic. He’s amazing. His music, his style and delivery. I’m going to set it off for him to have this. I dont want it. I have a message to get through then I’m out. I’m going to make my mark, get my money and make a lane so he can have fun with it. First In Flight Ent.

Mike Hustle: Who are some of your favorite rappers at the moment?

Rain: I like 50 Cent, Kanye West, Common alot of people. Jim Jones is entertaining. He had a big year last year. I like everybody thats putting in a effort to make good music. Fuck all these snap muthafuckaz. I don’t don’t listen to anyone who has dance routines in their videos. They look like circus clowns. Fuck em all.


Mike Hustle: Give us some insight on your label First In Flight Ent. and what plans you have for your company.

Rain: My plans are to make First In Flight Ent the new Def Jam. I have Traffic from my hometown Fayetteville NC, Krillz from The Bronx NY and Allure from Harlem NY. Allure is a female. She raps and has this melodic thing she does in her songs, not really singing, more like harmonizing. I have plans on making all of them household names. I cant let my secrets out but I have some real hot marketing plans.

Mike Hustle: What projects can we expect to see and hear you on in the future?

Rain: Right now I’m working on the First In Flight mixtape. Its called The Love Hate Relationship. I want to put it out as a independent album. I’m looking for distrubution for the project so I wont have to put it out as a mixtape. Either way it will come out and it will be hot.

Mike Hustle: In five years from now where do you see yourself?

Rain: I see myself comfortable. Comfortable and stable. Running my label and hopefully through with music as far as being an artist.

Mike Hustle: Any last words, comments or shout outs?

Rain: Shout out to First In Flight Ent. Traffic, Krillz, Allure, Money Mark, E. Beasley, Mike Hustle and Ron The Don. Thank you for showing interest in what I’m doing. I appreciate the love. Pick up “Highly Unanticipated” and call and request “Paper Boy.”


Interview by: Mike Hustle


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