(Model Spotlight) Kamilah Carr: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!


Kamilah Carr is her name.. DME (Diamond Marketing & Event Planning) is her new Company!

Click below to find out why Charlotte, North Carolina never look so good!

Ms. Breakfast in bed is in the building!

P.s. My Waffles and Eggs are Untouch!

Steelz: How are You?

Kamilah Carr: I’m fine, feeling great!

Steelz: Where are you from?

Kamilah Carr: Born and raised in Charlotte, NC

Steelz: Can you give us a quick run down on some of your Companies?

Kamilah Carr: Yes, I have my own company DME (Diamond Marketing & Event Planning), the name speaks for it self. It’s really starting to take off and I’m excited to see what’s to come. I also work as a catering director for a well known soul food restaurant here in Charlotte called Coffee Cup, and I’m also a model.


Steelz: So what do you do when your not Modeling or Event Planning?

Kamilah Carr: Relax, spend time with my son, and hang out with the girls.

Steelz: What’s your favorite place to eat and club in Charlotte?

Kamilah Carr: It’s a tie between Ruth’s Cris and Nakato, I love sushi. I really don’t have a favorite club, but I enjoy The Forum, Loft 1523, and Cosmos…. Hell, anywhere with a great atmosphere and people.


Steelz: If there was two things that you could change in most Men what would it be?

Kamilah Carr: Honesty and their listening skills….lol

Steelz: Would a perfect date for Ms. Kamilah end with a perfect kiss or breakfast in bed in the morning?

Kamilah Carr: Breakfast in bed!

Steelz: What do you think are your best two Features?

Kamilah Carr: My smile and my legs.


Steelz: What’s your take on the Presidential Elections?

Kamilah Carr: Go Obama! But to be honest I think both Hillary and Obama are great candidates. They’re both making history and it shows are far we’ve come in this country.

Steelz: What two ..Up and Coming artists in Charlotte do feel ?

Kamilah Carr: Major League is one, they give you that Tribe Called Quest meets Lupe Fiasco feel. They make you feel hip hop like it use to be. Pop-n-Bulletz is another one, they keep that dirty south feel. They’re hot!

Steelz: So what plans to have for the rest of 2008?

Kamilah Carr: Make money!!!

Contact info.
704.492.5107 cell


Interview by: Steelz


12 Responses to “(Model Spotlight) Kamilah Carr: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!”

  1. keep doing ya thing word you have came long way from geno’s palace…lol …cake up .1

  2. K.C. || she is really doing her thing, I see her net-work a lot here in Charlotte and with the skills she have, someone looking to invest money in positional growth, K.C. is a woman you would love to start with. She will put Charlotte even more on the MAP

    Get Em’ K

  3. K.C. || she is really doing her thing, I see her net-work a lot here in Charlotte and with the skills she have, someone looking to invest money in positional growth, K.C. is a woman you would love to start with. She will put Charlotte even more on the MAP

  4. She gave a great interview. I definately agree with her in regards to the group called Major League. I bought their album a few weeks ago and it has not been out of my CD player. It coincides to what Obama is talking about in regards to being who you are as an individual and stop following the “politics” of the music world.

  5. Baldhead Says:

    Lol! I like the interview babe. Good luck with the company and keep doing what you like/got to do to get that paper. Im rootin in your corner. I see big things ahead for ya. Keep reppin that QC/WC!

  6. Yandrick Says:

    Keep pushing Kamilah. Tasteful pictures. My sentiments exactly. Major league does sound like a Tribe and Lupe type blend. I’m impressed; you know your music too.

  7. Kamilah,
    The hardest working model and business woman in the game. I am honored that I had the opportunity to work with Kamilah.


  8. Terrence Carr Says:

    I’m proud of ya, girl. Keep hustlin. The ‘man’ didn’t leave anything else for a strong sister to do. I’ll be back in the dirty soon. I’ll talk with you later. Love you

    Your big bro

  9. Kamilah is a great person and cousin she strives to do her best she has a strong determentation and she is also a good mom. Keep doing what you do Cuzzo

  10. u go girl!

  11. Ms.Carr is one of the most interesting people to meet and just to keep good conversation with.She is very driven,goal orientated, and just determined to meet her goals.In my personal experience with knowing her she is giving 100% and nonething else.I hate to sound like a ass kisser, but it is what it is and she is what she is.You gotta show luv where luv is due,CAROLINA STAND UP._AC

  12. Ms.Carr is a very sexy model, I have not had teh chance to work with her, but have seen some of her work. I been trying to work with her since I moved here to Charlotte NC a year ago from NYC. Ms.Carr its time that you come out and bless my lens….LOL

    Rob meggett
    Glamourville South

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