(News) Def Jam A&R Speaks On Jadakiss New Album & Up Coming Releases!


Def Jam has long been known as the hub for Hip Hop releases. With the industry dealing with tough times selling records, the label’s A&R sheds some light on new releases and lingering issues. “Things at Def Jam are looking great. “We signed Jadakiss to Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam so that’s coming, we have another Fabolous album, another Young Jeezy album coming. And another Ghostface album by the end of the year.”

One of the more interesting deals has to do with Jadakiss signing with Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. Many are curious what to expected from Jada’s Def Jam debut.

“It’s hot! No seriously it is,” Lenny jokes. “We’re like 8 songs deep. He’s been working in D-Block studios in Yonkers knocking out joints. He knows what he’s doing so it’s not like a daily hands on over the shoulder kind of thing.”

“It’s hard. It’s definitely hard and it’s definitely street,” he continues “You won’t hear anything out of the ordinary. He’s got a record on there called ‘Letter To B.I.G.’ and he’s telling B.I.G. everything that has happened since he’s been gone. Very hot.”

There’s no firm release date on the album as of yet but expect it to be coming late spring/early summer.


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