(Rumors) Jay-Z: Wants $100 Million for Record Label?


Since leaving his post as President and CEO of Def Jam at the end of 2007, Hova has had everybody in the industry working overtime to guess what his next big move will be. Many have speculated that he will utilize his connections and valuable insider knowledge of the music industry to launch his own label. Today, the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column spoke to an unidentified insider who claims that Jay-Z wants a whopping $100 million for his rumored Carter Music Group imprint.

“He wants a label to give him $100 million for the Carter Music Group and provide for overhead, development and digital investment. It’s crazy. He wants the labels to basically be his venture capital fund – but unlike a venture cap, they won’t get 50 percent. This is not the ’90s anymore.”

Is $100 million a reasonable sum for a proven hit maker like Jay, or is it far too much to ask in a climate where most artists are struggling to go Gold?



One Response to “(Rumors) Jay-Z: Wants $100 Million for Record Label?”

  1. Hell to the YEAH!!! Artists have been the money maker for labels for years. It is long overdue for an artist to get paid what rightfully belongs to the artist.
    Hova has a proven track record as a trailblazer in the industry- that should be enough to back his $100 mill request. Matter-of-fact- I think he should’ve asked for more.
    O Z

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