DJ Drama & 50 Cent Plan G-Unit Gangsta Grillz!


Barack ODrama has informed MTV News that he and Curtis will be teaming up for a G-Unit Gangsta Grillz, the first ever collaboration between the two camps.

“A couple of days after G-Unit dropped their Elephant in the Sand mixtape [two weeks ago], I got the call from 50 [Cent] and he was like, ‘Drama, what up? It’s time to do this G-Unit/ Aphilliates Gangsta Grillz.’ He’s really going heavy on the Web site, and he was saying basically it’s time to get G-Unit hot in the South. What better way to do that than to do a Gangsta Grillz? Not only from a South aspect but from a quality street-music aspect…”

Hot in the South huh? You know what that means. Curtis is going to break out that faux Southern accent he was rocking back in the GRODT days. I wonder what his endgame is with this huge internet push he’s been orchestrating over the past few months.


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