Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 4/20/08

Hip Hop takes a backseat once again as the charts are ruled by Mariah Carey‘s E=MC2 [selling an impressive 462,000 in its first week], Leona Lewis, and Miley Cyrus, respectively. A little further down the charts, at #11 Rick Ross holds it down with Trilla selling just under 27,000 in its 6th week

Diddy‘s dolls, Danity Kane, take the #14 spot with Welcome to the Dollhouse selling just under 23,000 this week – making them still shy of that golden plaque. To date, the album has sold 422,000 units.
Gnarls Barkley‘s The Odd Couple makes it move back up the charts this week jumping from #27 to #20 and selling about 20,000 copies of their well-received sophomore effort. Following closely behind is Day 26 at #28. This week, the “Making The Band” boys sold 19.5k of their self-titled debut release. Meanwhile, Flo Rida‘s Mail on Sunday finally drops out of the top 25 and lands at the #31 spot selling just under 17,000.
Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
1 Mariah Carey E=MC2 462,971 464,212
11 Rick Ross Trilla 26,735 443,114
14 Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse 22,939 422,309
27 Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple 19,781 121,153
28 Day 26 Day 26 19,567 284,587

After a surprising #7 entry on the charts last week, singer/actor Ray J has nosedived to #35 with his fourth album, All I Feel, selling about 15,000 units. Snoop Dogg‘s Ego Trippin still struggles to maintain this week sliding to #37 with 14,000 sold. Psychopathic Records group, Dark Lotus [made up of the members of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie] made a surprising entry to the charts at #45.  The group sold 12,000 copies of Opaque Brotherhood. Erykah Badu‘s New Amerykah landed the #72 spot with 7k sold, while at #80, Lupe Fiasco‘s The Cool still inches towards gold with a total of just under 460,000 units.Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Total
35 Ray-J All I Feel 15,477 54,656
37 Snoop Dogg Ego Trippin 14,122 278,055
45 Dark Lotus Opaque Brotherhood 12,086 12,174
72 Erykah Badu New Amerykah 9,372 268,690
80 Lupe Fiasco The Cool 8,735 459,098

With new albums on the horizon from both The Roots and Atmosphere, who can make more noise on the charts? Stay tuned to DX as things heat up.

April 23rd, 2008 | Author: Aliya Ewing



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