(Review) Randy Exclusive’s Carter III Review!

It is very rare that I do album reviews on Tha Block since I write reviews at Ozone for a living. But since Tha Carter III is probably the most anticipated album of 2008, I thought it’d be as good a time as any to breakout the chicken sandwiches. Check the review after the jump.

“3 Peat”
The opening track where Weezy raps about how good he raps and how C3 is his third title, even though I don’t recall him winning any championships on Tha Carter I or II (but I digress for the sake of not wanting to argue). Anyways, good track but Wayne lost me when he said something about shooting your grandmother.

“Mr. Carter”
This is the track where Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter buries Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter. Kinda like a passing of the torch/stamp of approval from Jay to Wayne but Jigga completely steals the show.

“A Milli”
Probably the dopest beat I’ve heard all year but Wayne sends the entire song babbling about nothing. Good for a mixtape, for C3, not so much.

“Got Money”
This one has T-Pain on it. The beat is kinda wack too me and I don’t wanna hear about how much money Wayne & Pain have (I’m a hater like that), so I’ve been skipping this one most of the time.

Cliche chick record produced by Kanye and randomly features Babyface. Very lukewarm feeling to it.

“Dr. Carter”
Dope concept about Weezy being a doctor and trying to save hip-hop. One of the album’s best tracks in my opinion. Swizz Beatz the monster on the boards here.

“Phone Home”
Some stupid azz song produced by Cool & Dre, about how Wayne isn’t the same as other rappers because he’s a Martian. He doesn’t really rap about anything on this one either and you can insert E.T. joke [here].

“Tie My Hands”
Halfway through the album Wayne finally drops something insightful. Speaks on Nawlins, Katrina and shit like that, while Robin Thicke sings the hook. Smooth track.

“Shoot Me Down”
Kanye drops another one. Pretty cool song, Wayne starts babbling again but it’s sounds kinda good.

“Playing With Fire”
One of those songs that he raps about spitting hot fiyah and how he’s like Martin Luther King or somebody great.

Ya’ll know what this shit sounds like.

“La La”
Kiddie azz beat produced by David Banner (but I kinda likes). Busta Rhymes and Brisco join Wayne and rap about a bunch of nothingness but it sounds good.

“You Ain’t Got Nuthin”
Wayne brings in his New York homeboys Fabolous and Juelz Santana to show he can hang with NY rhymers, but I like Fab and Juelz’s verses better.

“Let The Beat Build”
Another Kanye West joint. I think it’s supposed to be a song about how the beat builds but I don’t know what the fux Wayne is talking about.

“Mrs. Officer”
Some random chick track about fuxing a female police officer. A lot like that Stay Strapped condoms ad but picture a women instead of that white dude. A cool, laid back, cliche song that features some Naw’lins rapper I’ve never heard of and Bobby Valentino (what? R. Kelly wasn’t available?).

“Don’t Get It”
Not really sure if this song is called “Don’t Get It” or “Misunderstood” but it’s produced by will.i.am and the man of the hour starts rapping about how he’s misunderstood and then he spends the last 6 minutes talking and trying to sound intelligent. Fitting as the last track because for the majority of the album I don’t know WTF Lil Wayne was talking about.

Overall: I think Tha Carter III is a good album, but not that classic album that Lil Wayne needed to deliver to be considered the best in the game. The majority of the time Lil Wayne is rapping, but he’s not necessarily saying anything of substance and he has that tendency to get off topic and say things that don’t really make sense, although he still manages to spit out some slick shit every once and awhile. That’s cool for a mixtape but not for an album. Still, Tha Carter III has some good concepts, quality production and Wayne is definitely one of the best in the game on the mic (just not the best).

Ratings: I’ll give this album a solid 4 of 5 Chick-fil-a sandwiches.




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