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(Mixtapes) Juelz Santana Presents “Skull Gang Takeover” (Free/Dl)

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1. Intro – Takeover (Juelz & Starr)
2.” Aggy” (Juelz, UnKasa, Richmond Rabb)
3.” Drama Fold” (Juelz, John Depp & Richmond Rabb)
4.” Touch Me Tease Me” (Juelz, Starr,UnKasa, Rabb, & John Depp)
5.” B4″ ( Juelz & John Depp)
6.” Problems”(Juelz, Rabb feat. Lil’ Wayne)
7. “Johnny Jerajian”- Skit
8. “Don’t want you back” (Juelz, John Depp, & Rabb)
9. “Fire” (Juelz, UnKasa & Rabb)
10. “Here we are” (Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Riq, & Tobb Cobain)
11. “Relax” (Juelz, UnKasa, John Depp & Rabb)
12. “What you reppin”(SKULL GANG)- (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa, Rabb & Starr)
13.” Body like a Maserati”( Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Starr & UnKasa)
14. “Who said that”-skit
15. “Peepin my Swag” (Juelz, John Depp, Rabb, UnKasa, Riq, Deniro & Mo’ Betta)
16.”Dropping some shit” ( Juelz, UnKasa, Rabb & Deniro)
17. “Shawty dirtbike”-skit
18.”Taking over your radio” (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa& Deniro)
19. “Birds flying in” (Juelz, Rabb feat. Jim Jones)
20. “You gotta give me some” (Juelz, Unkasa, John Depp, Rabb & Deniro)
21. Outro – “Make it Rain” (Starr & Juelz)


(Videos) Nas – Ya’ll My Niggaz!

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(News) Ludacris Hits the Cover of the Xxl Magazine!

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(Videos) Ne-Yo – She Got Her Own (Feat. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous)

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(Album Review) T.I. – Paper Trail

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Written By: Randy Exclusive

I thought about doing a live review for the Jeezy album, but I never got around to it. I have a little bit of time this evening, so there’s no better time to do my first ever live blogging album review then now. Basically, I’m gonna listen to the CD track for track and blog my thoughts on it. At the end, I’ll give it my usual chicken sandwich rating (ya’ll know how much I love them chicken sammiches). I skimmed through the album earlier this morning but this will technically be my first time listening straight thru. Here goes:

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(Mixtapes) Royce Da 5’9″ – Bar Exam 2 (Mixed by DJ Green Lantern) (Free/Dl)

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01 Crazed Madman Intro
02 Heat to the Streets f. Kid Vishis (prod. Green Lantern)
03 It’s the New
04 I’m Me Freestyle
05 I’m Nice
06 Gun Music (prod. Green Lantern)
07 Weatherman f. Sucka Free & Kid Vishis
08 I’m the Shit Fool!!! (Interlude)
09 We Deep f. Trick Trick (prod. Denaun Porter)
10 Let the Beat Build Freestyle f. Stretch Money
11 Royal Flush Freestyle f. Canibus & Elzhi
12 Jockin My Fresh (prod. Green Lantern)
13 Gettin Money Freestyle
14 Gangsta Remix f. Akon (prod. Green Lantern)
15 Happy Bar Exam 2 f. Marv Won
16 Ignorant Shit Freestyle
17 Flow Boy f. Tondalaya
18 Been Shot Down (prod. Green Lantern)
19 J-Ro vs. Mike B (Skit)
20 Kill Em Pt. 2 f. Kid Vishis
21 Wall Street f. June The Great
22 Royce Outro

(Events) Dan Johns, Supastition/Kam Moye, Preach & The One Show: 9-25-08

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