(Album Review) T.I. – Paper Trail

Written By: Randy Exclusive

I thought about doing a live review for the Jeezy album, but I never got around to it. I have a little bit of time this evening, so there’s no better time to do my first ever live blogging album review then now. Basically, I’m gonna listen to the CD track for track and blog my thoughts on it. At the end, I’ll give it my usual chicken sandwich rating (ya’ll know how much I love them chicken sammiches). I skimmed through the album earlier this morning but this will technically be my first time listening straight thru. Here goes:

“56 Bars (Intro)” -Tip’s back working with DJ Toomp I see. That was a good move. Braggadocios rhymes, yeah, yeah, swag, swag, swag, heard it all before. I can tell he’s writing down his rhymes again tho. Damn, he named all the best rappers he could think of…nice! That’s probably the best 56 bars I’ve heard from T.I. in a long time. Nice start to the album.

“Dead & Gone” ft. Justin Timberlake – Seriously, the Justin Timberlake feature is f*cking random, what he couldn’t get Trey Songz? This is no “My Love.” The old T.I. is dead and gone. Soooooooo, is he T.I.P. or T.I. now? I’m confused. Either way, he spits some real shit on this one.

“Every Chance I Get” – Another DJ Toomp track, he should have done a whole album with just Toomp beats. Not sure if these songs are in the right order. Did he just name all of his kids? That nucca got a lot of kids. StreetCred.com shout!!! (Adam Aziz, I see you). Angry T.I., a la this track, raps better than smooth T.I., a la “Get Away.” Shit talking at the end of the song. Wait a minute, doesn’t Big Kuntry’s album come out on September 30th too? They doing that nucca dirty. Dope track tho.

“I’m Illy” – Damn, this beat is ill. I wonder if Scott Storch sold it for the low low since he’s broke? Wow, T.I.’s going in. Did he hire a ghost writer? Yo, he might have stumbled across Weezy’s rhyme book. Someone might wanna investigate that. I used to think T.I. was more swagger than lyrics, I might be changing my stance on that.

“Live Your Life” ft. Rihanna – Heard this one already, kinda like it. Rihanna’s catchy on the hook. I swear, lyrically, T.I.’s on some other shit on this album. I think this one’s gonna go hard in the club. Rihanna breakdown? Didn’t hear this part before. Rihanna can get it too (just wanted to throw that out there).

“My Life, Your Entertainment” ft. Usher – I heard the batteries charging up, must be a Drumma Boy track. I see Tip had a lot to get off his chest. Not really feeling Usher on this one. Really, he coulda got Trey Songz. T.I. rapping about how people live their lives vicariously through his life. Usher…kinda rapping/scatting about the same thing, I guess. I don’t know. Coulda done without Ursher on this one. Still cool tho.

“No Matter What” – Heard this one plenty of times. Great track. Nuff said.

“On Top of the World” ft. Ludacris & B.o.B. – This is the shit that leaked the other day. I kinda like this one too. My nucca B.o.B. is on here! I got a feeling Luda’s gonna out rap Tip on this. Yeah, Luda killed him on his own shit. Not a great Luda and Tip song, but it’s better than that other shit they did together a few weeks ago. Halfway through, this album is already better than T.I. vs. T.I.P.

“Porn Star” – One of those “Why You Wanna” or “Chillin’ Wit My Bitch” type tracks. Shoulda known it was gonna come sooner or later. He’s always good for one or two of these.

“Ready For Whatever” – Angry T.I. again. This must be a Drumma Boy track too, I hear the charging and the nucca saying “yeeeeahh boy” in the background. Real shit on this one. Tip talking about the whole gun charge situation. Props for him even addressing that shit like this on the album.

“Slide Show” ft. John Legend – How come every time a rapper wants to kick knowledge and talk about life, they put John Legend on the hook? *See Rich Boy’s album.* Kanye produced track. It’s not great, but pretty good nonetheless.

“Swagger Like Us” – I think they’re gonna take this song off the album. I don’t know. I’ll just skip this one for right now.

“Swing Ya Rag” ft. Swizz Beatz – They were prolly trying to recreate that “Bring Em Out” magic. Didn’t quite do that, but this song is still ok. Not really sure what’s up with all these rappers and their obsessions with louie bags and rags tho. Swizz sounds like he’s kinda tired on the hook. Prolly shoulda went to Starbucks before he got in the booth.

“What Up, What’s Happenin” – The Shawty Lo “Ether.” I think Tip ended L-O’s career with this one. Prolly my favorite song on the album.

“Whatever You Like” – Already know what it is with this record. I still say it’s still trickin’ even if you got it, but what do I know.

“You Ain’t Missin’ Nothing” – One of those songs for nuccas locked down in jail. You ain’t missin’ nothing?!?!? Bullshit. I know Tip is trying to give cats in jail something to live for, but nuccas in jail are missing everything.

Ok, that’s it. I know the songs aren’t in order but whatever, this CD is still a banger no matter what order you listen to them in. Definitely album of the year thus far. T.I. made up for that last album and he went in on the mic on quite a few of these tracks. I can’t give it 5 chicken sandwiches but I’m gonna give it a 4.5. And yeah, I’m gonna cop it on September 30th (Big Kuntry’s album…prolly not), and you should to.




One Response to “(Album Review) T.I. – Paper Trail”

  1. Great cd. definitely a Classic.

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