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(Album Review) T.I. – Paper Trail

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech, News with tags , , on September 19, 2008 by Steelz

Written By: Randy Exclusive

I thought about doing a live review for the Jeezy album, but I never got around to it. I have a little bit of time this evening, so there’s no better time to do my first ever live blogging album review then now. Basically, I’m gonna listen to the CD track for track and blog my thoughts on it. At the end, I’ll give it my usual chicken sandwich rating (ya’ll know how much I love them chicken sammiches). I skimmed through the album earlier this morning but this will technically be my first time listening straight thru. Here goes:

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(Review) Randy Exclusive’s Carter III Review!

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech, News on June 3, 2008 by Steelz

It is very rare that I do album reviews on Tha Block since I write reviews at Ozone for a living. But since Tha Carter III is probably the most anticipated album of 2008, I thought it’d be as good a time as any to breakout the chicken sandwiches. Check the review after the jump.

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(Freedom of Speech) Charlamagne Tha God: No Justice No Peace

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech on April 28, 2008 by Steelz

I was starting to have the feeling that things where changing here in Amerikkka. I was starting to think that the American creed of Freedom, Justice, and Equality was starting to be applied to all races and was just not exclusively for the rich, high class, white people. I was starting to think with the rise of Barack Obama that maybe, just maybe we where starting to be treated equally in all facets of American society. I mean even though Barack Obama is of mixed race he is in every aspect looked upon as a black man.

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Charlamagne breaks down Nigga Appreciation Month!

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech with tags on February 6, 2008 by Steelz

I am facing a room full of high school students, ages 15 – 17 and announce, “It’s Black History Month!” With no excitement from the class I say once more, “I don’t think yall heard me, it’s Black History Month!” Still no response, the class gives me a confused blank stare. Thinking quick I yell, “Lil Wayne is Black History!” The class goes ape shit! The Kids start giving each other pounds, young girls say shit like, “Lil Wayne need to put some of that Black History up in here!” I hold my head down in disgust and say to the teacher, “No disrespect to you but I need to have a real talk with your class immediately and hopefully they won’t become “America’s Next Top Convicts.”

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Hip Hop’s Most Wasted Talent…Ever……

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech with tags on January 25, 2008 by Steelz


Article By B.Moore

It’s Jadakiss by a million miles. If talent equaled record sales Jadakiss would be a diamond artist putting up numbers that compete with Marshall and Cornelius. Instead of actually putting up big numbers he makes half assed albums but stellar mixtapes. Its baffles the hell out of me. He’s becoming rap’s Rodney Monroe. He makes a killing in the minors but when it comes to competing with the big boys he falters time after time. The most painful thing about this admission is that I am huge fan of Kiss. If you like hip hop it’s hard not to like dude. How many times must one get disappointed until you just cut them loose?

J-A-D-A got beef with the feds and the D-A.

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The Music Business 101: How to Break an artist (In Theory)

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech with tags on January 21, 2008 by Steelz


“Def Jam lost they soul, they forgot how to build an artist” – Redman

That’s the problem with the industry in a nutshell. The record industry got fat and lazy during the 90’s. When the economy was booming, everyone was buying CDs and tapes all the industry heads did was sit back and collect fat checks. They missed the digital revolution. Slumping sales had nothing to do with the quality of music
(which is a common excuse). It’s the simple fact that the luxury of buying CD’s became something that the people could get for free. Anytime you have something that you can get for free with the same quality not many people are going to pay for it. Stealing music is still considered a victimless crime.

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RandyExclusive.Com’s: First Annual SC Music Year End Awards!

Posted in Bloggers / Freedom of Speech with tags on January 3, 2008 by Steelz


2007 is in the books and since everyone is giving out year end awards, I must do the same but my awards are for my home state and my home state only. Yep, ain’t nothing changed but the address. I might have left SC but I still love my state, I still love the SC independent artists out there grinding, I’m still the Carolina King of Publications and I still stays pubbin’ South Cack like the “State Pen” should.

So, without further ado, SC stand the fuck up! The winners of RandyExclusive.Com’s First Annual South Carolina Music Year End Awards are after the jump. And the winner(s) is:

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